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    High Performance Coaching

    Whether your leader is new to the organization or just received a promotion, we have the skills and techniques to ensure high performance. Specializing in leadership skills and employee engagement for optimal performance. We also can work within your already established leadership development or coaching program to provide high performance

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    Customized 360° Feedback Coaching

    We are experts in customizing a 360 feedback process and customizing our coaching to ensure we meet the needs of the employee and organization for optimum success. Also Lominger and Booth Certified.

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    "It was a pleasure working with Shannon. I appreciated her coaching style that was dominated by flexibility and adaptability. Shannon translates her broad knowledge and experience well to her clients and helps them obtain a well-rounded picture of their challenges. This allows clients to explore new perspectives that they never ever would have considered on their own."

    -Stephanie, Technology Manager SAP

    My Leadership Story

leadership words

Today I would like to share that it is a complete honor to be a coach.  The leaders I work with are so courageous.  I just completed a coaching assignment today and it is always bittersweet.  It is bitter because we are complete with our time together and it is sweet because I always am so grateful for how appreciative executives are about coaching.  Coaching is a sweet job, I get to partner with some of the top leaders in organizations to assist them in being even more successful.  It is a complete honor for me.  I wanted to share the thoughts of this executive about coaching so you can understand even more about what coaching truly is.  As a coach, I always have a coach, so I know coaching is a true gift first hand.  When someone listens, is present, is only out for your success, you live more fully into your potential.  The leader I worked today said that me being there as he started into this new culture was crucial for him.  He said he reflected back on our conversations when days were tough (and he was inspired to press forward).  That is all the feedback I need.

“Executive coaching with Shannon was incredibly helpful because I had someone in service to me and the organization with a higher purpose of making sure I was successful as a new leader.  This is brilliant.  I would never start another organization without having this.  Does not get better than this.  Setting goals and following up on those goals, was very helpful.  I felt challenged and safe and that is very important to me. Taking the time in the beginning of a new role to assimilate to the organization through executive coaching is crucial.”   EVP, Large Retail Organization

Do you want to more effectively lead your team or your projects at work?  If yes, this book is for you.  It is FREE on Kindle right now!  It will give you tips on influencing.  As a leadership and executive strategy coach, I know the art of influencing is crucial for my client’s success.


heart of a leader

redhead corporate imageCheck out my recent testimonial from a leadership coaching client!  It is so crucial for your employees who are new in role to take time to really strategize and build trust with the organization.  This allows them to be productive so much faster.  This is the result of coaching, this leader said it so well in his testimonial below.    I am so grateful to work with courageous leaders in this world!

“Shannon helped me to sit back and look at leadership from a different perspective.  She gave me lot of ideas of what I can use to develop my team and good tools for my own leadership development as well.  Most importantly, she assisted me with different leadership strategies to think outside of the box and open me up to different ideas and vantage points.  It was very valuable and I needed to step away and use this time to strategize.” – Distribution Center Building Director, Large Retailer

Shannon R. Rios, M.S., LMFT has spent the last 15 years assisting organizations in developing their most important asset, their employees. She has achieved this through her positions of HR Manager, Organizational Development Consultant, Training Manager and Executive/Leadership Coach. Shannon’s passion is assisting employees to achieve their highest potential in work and life.  Shannon also has created a customized 360 process that allows her clients to receive invaluable feedback to assist them in performing at their highest level. If you enjoyed this article and would like to know more about coaching with Shannon, go to http://www.doodle.com/shannonrios and request a consultation.

Self-awareness, time to focus on self and strategy, and in effect making better decisions for the organization.

This is a recent testimonial I received from an executive coaching client.

thumbs_Photoxpress_11475382“Overall it is a challenge to carve out the time to focus on yourself but it has been very valuable.  It has forced me to look internally a bit more so I can improve my skills as I move to the next level.  It has been very beneficial.  Made me more self aware and evaluate myself so I could make better decisions for the organization.”

-Director of Technology Development, Large Retail Organization

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