360-degree Feedback for Optimal Performance

  • The 360 Feedback and Coaching has proven extremely successful in assisting leaders in gaining insight and new skills to perform at a high level.
  • We are experts in this field and we customize this process for your leader.
  • Lominger and Booth Certified

Our Process:

  • Meet with Leader and Organization
  • Understand goals regarding feedback for the leader
  • Create a customized process for leader
  • Conduct 360 feedback interviews with the following:
    • Their Leader
    • Peers
    • Direct Reports
    • Customers
  • Create a customized report for the leader
  • Create a coaching strategy
  • Coach for high performance
  • We are also certified to use the Lominger and Booth 360 process.

What are the benefits of 360-degree Feedback?

  • increased self awareness
  • Career development of leaders
  • professional development goals that can be used immediately in coaching
  • Increase team communication
  • Increase in team effectiveness
  • identification of potential problem areas and gaps in perception (blind spots,
    disagreements, hidden strengths and weaknesses, etc.)
  • identification of any potential issues (this is crucial for new leaders in

Testimonial for Rios Coaching Customized 360 for Optimal Performance Process:

“Shannon worked with members of our Executive Management team on 360 feedback and coaching. Shannon’s professional approach provided very timely feedback to leaders of our organization in a manner that was very “real life” instead of manufactured through a canned program or off the shelf product. Her insight into communication,relationship building and partnership proved to be invaluable. I am certain that other organizations will benefit from Shannon’s services and would recommend her to anyone.”
Mitch Lehn, VP Human Resources, US Foodservice, Denver CO.

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