Shannon R. Rios, MS, LMFT

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“It is but a choice,
to live our most powerful life.”

-Shannon R. Rios

My Story:

Shannon’s business career officially started when she was 15 years old when her dad bought an old building on a corner with a vision to provide a service no one else provided in their small community. That was 25 years ago now and that vision was the very well-known convenience store. Shannon helped her father grow his businesses. She watched and assisted as that old building was turned into a wonderful store with many products and hours that other stores did not have in a 30 mile radius. Her father also opened three other stores, all of which she worked in and ran during her teenage years. This truly was the start of her passion for business. Tom’s Store still stands and her father has moved on to other businesses. So has Shannon……

She also enjoyed psychology and in speaking with her college counselor, she was directed to explore Industrial Organizational Psychology. She knew this was the profession for her. She individualized her undergraduate major to be Industrial Organizational Psychology with a Business minor. She then went on to obtain her Master’s degree in Industrial Organizational Psychology. Her career served her extremely well and she continued to move up through organizations due to her skills and motivation for assisting organizations to run at optimum potential through their people.

After 8 years in the corporate field, Shannon obtained her own coach and realized she wanted to start her own business in her passion areas:

• Coaching leaders within organizations
• Coaching individuals to reach their optimum potential in any area of life.
• Coaching and empowering children and parents through divorce and conflict. This was something she also had experienced through her family growing up.

Professional Biography:

Shannon R. Rios, M.S., LMFT has spent the last 18 years assisting organizations in developing their most important asset, their employees. She has achieved this through her positions of HR Manager, Organizational Development Consultant,Training Manager and Executive Coach. Shannon’s key area of expertise is assisting employees to achieve their highest potential in work and life. She is deeply respected and trusted by her clients. She is known for her ability to coach individuals and organizations to perform at their highest potential.Shannon has served as a catalyst for change in multi-national organizations such as Cargill, The Kohl’s Company, Zurich North America, Allianz, The Ambling Companies, Rate One Mortgage, SAP, US Foodservice, The Children’s Hospital Denver and the Ken Blanchard Companies. She has experience working with the insurance industry, the agricultural food industry, the financial services industry, the information technology industry, the healthcare industry, the legal industry and large retail organizations. She has lead teams in union and non-union environments.

In 1997 Shannon created and implemented a world-wide 360 degree feedback process for Cargill. Shannon officially began her coaching career in 1998 when she initiated a large-scale coaching effort within her organization focused on retaining high-performing employees. She trained over 150 managers and employees in the coaching process within the organization. Shannon was then trained through The Coaches Training Institute, a nationally certified coaching program through the International Coach Federation. She then began coaching managers and executives one on one within organizations she was employed with for the next few years. She started her own coaching organization in 2003,where she coaches within many organizations. She also has been a leadership and management coach with The Human Potential Project and The Ken Blanchard Companies. Shannon also has created a customized 360 process that allows her clients to receive invaluable feedback to assist them in performing at their highest level.

Shannon also saw part of her vision was about making a difference for children going through divorce with their parents. She has obtained the necessary training and licensure and has grown this practice into a thriving part of her business. She has also written a book on this topic for parents, as she realized parents were the key to the children’s success. She is very grateful she was able to start this business while also consulting to leaders in other organizations. It has given her a lot of insight on leadership and running a successful business.

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