High Performance Leadership Coaching

leadershipcompass imageWhether your leader is new to the organization or just received a promotion, we have the skills and techniques to ensure high performance. We specialize in leadership skill and employee engagement for optimal performance.
  • Do you have a leader that you know is ready to perform at the next level of performance?

  • Do you have a leader that is new to the organization?

  • Do you have a leader that has just received a promotion?

If your answer is yes, leadership coaching is essential to ensure your leaders are
successful and perform at a high level within the organization. We assist leaders in
creating a strategy and plan to be highly successful in their role and with their teams,
leading to employee engagement and organizational performance.

Leadership Coaching High Performance Strategies:

  • Identify manager/employees values and needs – intrinsic vs. extrinsic
  • Organizational Values/Culture
  • Identify barriers and create success strategies
  • Present, Centered and Connected Management
  • Employee Engagement Techniques
  • Emotional Intelligence Work
  • Building Trust
  • Listening
  • Create High Performance Strategies

Coaching Goals:

  • Understand your business
  • Increase employee/management satisfaction
  • Increase employee engagement and productivity



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