“Shannon worked with members of our Executive Management team on 360 feedback and coaching. Shannon’s professional approach provided very timely feedback to leaders of our organization in a manner that was very “real life” instead of manufactured through a canned program or off the shelf product. Her insight into communication, relationship building and partnership proved to be invaluable. I am certain that other organizations will benefit from Shannon’s services and would recommend her to anyone.”

-Mitch Lehn, VP Human Resources, US Foodservice, Denver CO.

“Shannon was a great fit for me (not sure how matching is done but it work well). She was very easy to talk to and our time would fly by. She did a great job of listening, challenging, making suggestions and keeping me in perspective. She would challenge me and help me think of things in different ways. She was a great sounding board for my concerns as a new employee to (large retail organization).

She challenged me to think of things in a different way. She helped put my concerns into a good perspective and helped me see a higher vision for my role and career at (large retail organization) (when sometimes I was doubting myself in the new role and concerned about my assimilating). She made one statement that I think of frequently that keeps me motivated in my work here as a DM.”

-Director – Large Retail Organization

“It was a pleasure working with Shannon. I appreciated her coaching style that was dominated by flexibility and adaptability to really work with clients and their personal preferences of approaching the topic they would like to discuss. Shannon translates her broad knowledge and experience well to her clients and  helps them obtain a well-rounded picture of their challenges by making them explore new perspectives that they never ever would have considered on their own. She has a wonderful talent to blend in creating the awareness of how important a healthy work-life balance is to be successful in every aspect of life.”

-Stephanie, Technology Manager SAP

“I have observed Shannon in action and observe good listening skills, strong integrity, creativity, dedication, understanding of the business situation and great communication skills. The management team appreciates the partnership and Shannon has their confidence. She is not afraid to tackle conflict and to give tough feedback to senior leaders.

-Kathy, VP Corporate Development

“Shannon is one of the most authentic and compassionate professionals I have ever worked with. She takes the time to truly understand and assess the needs of the organization, team or individual.and then guides and facilitates growth and discovery for long-term results.”

Karla Montgomery, Organizational Development
Professional / Instructional Designer

“I found Shannon to be upbeat, positive, cooperative, easy to work with, able to gain the cooperation from others in order to complete projects. She produced top-notch high-quality work.

-Carol Richards, Former Human Resources
Manager, Cargill, Inc.

“Coaching was a great experience for me. Shannon helped me change my management style, establish a support team at work and home to keep me on track. I am satisfied with the impact of the coaching program on my management style and have attained a better balance between work and family.”

-VP Operations, Denver CO

“Coaching with Shannon has been tremendously helpful.  I recommended to HR that if there was an opportunity that if we could extend it I would want to be a part of it.  Extraordinarily helpful.  We had tough discussions.  I am quick.  I am not patient.  My brain operates faster than a lot of HR activities, I was concerned that this could be too touchy feely.    I am a skeptic but this made me a believer.  The discussions were meaningful, tangible and meaty.  I took a lot of notes, got a lot of good advice and took a lot of action from our coaching sessions.”

-Director, Large Retail Corporation

“Coaching was a much more valuable than I thought it would be. Looking back six months later I did not expect the kind of impact that it had. It was very valuable to talk to someone outside of the company that had nothing more than my best interest at heart. Not trying to get me to get a number, she just wanted me to succeed. That was clear. It was always a great interaction when we had our sessions. Knowing that the co had this type of investment in my development was impactful in just that sense, it inspired me to work even harder at getting to my goals.”

– (This leader took his district from 96th in the company to 14th!) District Manager, Large Retail Organization.

“Shannon helped me to sit back and look at leadership from a different perspective.  She gave me lot of ideas of what I can use to develop my team and good tools for my own leadership development as well.  Most importantly, she assisted me with different leadership strategies to think outside of the box and open me up to different ideas and vantage points.  It was very valuable and I needed to step away and use this time to strategize.”

– Distribution Center Building Director, Large Retailer

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